Draft LPD Bye-laws version 1.33

This draft version 1.33 adds a new paragraph 2i which explicitly allows the LPD Divisional Committee to form SDCs. This draft was agreed by the LPD Committee on 9 November 2019 and the Bectu SEC on 24 November 2019.

1 Membership

  1. The membership of the London Production Division (LPD) comprises all members of Bectu as defined by Bectu Sector Rule 8.
  2. Under BECTU Sector Rule 6 LPD consists of branches agreed by the London Production Divisional Committee and approved by the Bectu SEC.

2 Structure

  1. The London Production Divisional Committee will operate within the Bectu Sector Rules at all times as supplemented by these Bye-laws.
  2. The Divisional Committee is responsible for dealing with all matters that affect more than one branch and for those matters set out in Bectu Sector Rule 8(d).
  3. The Divisional Committee consists of representatives elected from LPD branches on the basis of one representative for every 500 branch members or part thereof. Reserve representatives, to substitute representatives who are not able to attend specific Divisional Committee meetings, must be elected at the same time.
  4. LPD branches will ensure the Divisional Committee is informed of the names and contact details of their respective Divisional Committee representatives and substitute representatives, from which the Assistant National Secretary of the Divisional Committee will maintain a list of Divisional Committee members.
  5. The first meeting of the Divisional Committee, normally following the Bectu Sector Conference or the Prospect National Conference, will include and commence with the LPD Annual General Meeting (AGM). During the AGM the Divisional Committee will elect from amongst its members (elected representatives only, not substitutes) Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and other officers that may be required. The Chair will be replaced by an additional representative from her/his branch. The Divisional Committee will also elect representatives to other committees during the AGM.
  6. The Divisional Committee normally meets two weeks before Bectu Sectional Executive Committee (SEC) meetings.
  7. Special Divisional Committee meetings may be called by either the Chair, the Secretary, the Assistant National Secretary of the Divisional Committee or at the written request of three LPD branches.
  8. Subject to the approval of the Bectu SEC the Divisional Committee may appoint sub-committees to deal with or to make recommendations to it on particular matters.
  9. Subject to the approval of the Bectu SEC the Divisional Committee may form Sub-Divisional Committees (SDC). SDCs will report to the Divisional Committee, who will also determine its composition and approve its standing orders.

3 Standing orders

  1. At least seven days before the Divisional Committee meets each member shall be provided with the agenda and related documentation.
  2. Those entitled to attend Divisional Committee meetings are members of the Committee, the Chair, LPD members of the Bectu SEC who are not members of the Committee, paid officials working to LPD, and any other representatives and individuals the committee permits.
  3. A quorum for a meeting of the Divisional Committee is 8 representatives entitled to vote from at least 5 different branches.
  4. If within 20 minutes of the time appointed for the meeting to commence a quorum is not present the meeting, at the discretion of the Chair and Divisional Committee members present, will either be dissolved or will continue to enable decisions to be made on issues that must be considered before the next meeting of the Committee. Such decisions will be recorded in the minutes of the inquorate meeting and will be subject to ratification at a subsequent quorate meeting.
  5. Only members of the Divisional Committee, and in the event of a tied vote the Chair, may vote.
  6. Discussion at Divisional Committee meetings will be confined to those matters which have been included as specific items in the adopted agenda.
  7. All remarks shall be addressed to the Chair. During a speech other members shall intervene only on a point of order.
  8. Only one motion or amendment shall be put to the meeting at any one time. At the discretion of the Chair, any number of motions on an individual item of business may be considered at one time. At the request of the Chair a motion shall be submitted in writing.
  9. To every motion any number of amendments may be proposed. When an amendment has been moved, members may speak on that amendment. Upon amendments being carried, the original motion as amended shall be put as the substantive motion. All motions and amendments must be proposed and seconded.
  10. Before it is put to the meeting, the mover of the substantive motion shall have the right to reply to the debate. In the absence of the mover the Chair may move the motion formally.
  11. Any member of the Divisional Committee who has not spoken on the agenda item before the meeting may move “that the question now be put”, on the seconding of which the Chair shall put the motion to the vote without discussion. In the event of it being carried the mover of the substantive motion will be allowed the right of reply. The Divisional Committee shall then proceed to vote on the item.
  12. The ruling of the Chair on any question under the standing orders, or on any point of order, shall be final unless challenged by a motion to that effect, seconded, and put to a vote of the meeting immediately and without discussion. If the motion is carried the Chair shall revise the ruling.
  13. Any person present at a meeting of the Divisional Committee violating these standing orders, using personal abuse, or refusing to obey the Chair, shall be called to order by the Chair. If she/he refuses to be called to order, the Chair may direct that she/he withdraw from the meeting and be readmitted only after an adequate apology has been tendered.
  14. On defiance of the authority of the Chair, or on occasion of disorder or disturbance, the Chair may quit the chair and declare the meeting temporarily adjourned until some stated time. After such a declaration, and until the meeting is resumed in accordance with the Chair’s announcement, no business transacted shall be valid.
  15. Standing orders 3f – 3n may be suspended on a motion naming the order to be suspended and giving a specific reason for its suspension, provided such motion is seconded and carried by a two-thirds majority of those voting members present.
  16. No unauthorised electronic or mechanical recording of the proceedings shall be made.

4 Annual Members Forum

  1. The LPD Divisional Committee shall, with the permission of the Bectu SEC, make arrangements for the convening of a LPD Annual Members Forum (AMF).
  2. Matters that may be considered by the AMF are set out in Bectu Sector Rule 8(d).
  3. The AMF will comprise all paid-up members of the LPD (who shall have the right to speak and vote), the Chair of the LPD Divisional Committee (who shall have the casting vote) and paid officials (who shall have the right to speak but not to vote).
  4. Written notice convening the AMF shall indicate the general nature of the business to be conducted and shall be circulated to all LPD branches not later than two calendar months before the AMF.
  5. The AMF agenda shall be circulated to branches and others authorised to attend not less than seven days before the the AMF.
  6. The agenda of the AMF will be drawn up by the LPD Divisional Committee, which will be put to branch members present for adoption at the beginning of the AMF.
  7. Voting at the AMF will be by a poll of LPD members present, normally by a show of hands.
  8. All questions before AMF shall be decided by the majority vote of the LPD members present.
  9. All decisions made by the AMF will be referred to the next meeting of the LPD Divisional Committee for a final decision.
  10. No unauthorised electronic or mechanical recording of the proceedings shall be made.

5 Amendments

  1. These By-laws will comply in all respects with Bectu Sector Rules.
  2. These By-laws may be amended at a LPD AGM or at a LPD Divisional Committee meeting provided that notice of the amendment is issued to all LPD branches prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be discussed.

Last updated 9 December 2019

Bectu is a sector of Prospect